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About Us


GBR Technology Limited was formed in 1993 as a fluids off-shoot of CVC Scientific, which itself has roots directly traceable through Bendix, Bell and Howell and further back to the Eastman Kodak Corporation in 1934. Our lubricants heritage diversified in 2009 when we offered our first non-lubricant products to the sports turf market. Since then our range has expanded significantly. We develop and manufacture an increasing range of products in-house and these are enjoying an excellent reputation for quality and performance in the market. GBR Technology produce many of our own brands which are sold direct and via our valued distributor partners who we support closely. We also manufacture products for other sports amenity customers with tailored products going to market under a variety of brands. As an independent and successful company with formulatory and manufacturing capability we are able to provide good flexibility in meeting our customers needs and expectations. Our focus is on quality, continuous improvement and giving our customers the best possible service and technical support. On pricing we seek to be competitive, offering excellent quality products with a quality for price characteristic that is highly attractive. Our products are used with great success across an increasing number of the worlds best golf courses and our reputation is backed up by our ISO 9001 quality standard accreditation giving you peace of mind in our operations, processes and procedures. Based on the Hampshire/Berkshire border our offices, warehouses, laboratory and production area are spread over 3 units.

Our People

GBR Technology have three technical amenity sales staff covering England and Wales. With good experience between them and BASIS and FACTS qualifications, we’re confident you’ll get excellent quality advice. Our back office team is first class from warehouse and production operations to sales order processing to accounts - we are confident you’ll find dealing with us a pleasure in the vast majority of cases. Sometimes things do go awry, for instance goods damaged during transit, in these cases we’ll do our very best to resolve things to your satisfaction as fast as we possibly can.


In the majority of cases orders are dispatched within a day or two of receipt of order even during peak season. If you need an urgent delivery we’ll do our best to accommodate this. Some items come from third parties and may at peak season have a longer lead time – this is mostly confined to fertilisers. GBR dispatch to customers throughout the UK and globally – we’ve been exporting products for over 20 years.

Our Operations

Our expertise covers formulatory skills, production, warehousing, marketing, sales, technical support and supply to end-users in the UK and globally. We employ a number of chemists qualified to degree level and we have many years combined experience of laboratory formulation of surfactant based products leading to successfully established products in the market.

We maintain a laboratory equipped for product development and initial testing of formulations before they go for field trial. Successful innovation does require working closely will raw material suppliers, other partners and end-users and we are proud of our working relationships, which are vital to our business. Our production operations are continually expanding and are currently equipped for the blending of liquid formulations in batch sizes from 20 litres to around 5 tonnes and temperatures up to around 100 degrees C. We hold the ISO 9001 quality standard as required by a substantial amount of our customer base and this is our independently verified commitment to quality in our operations, giving many of our customers additional peace of mind in dealing with us.

Our Sales Routes

As well as our direct sales in England and Wales, many of our own-branded products can be purchased from Terra Firma (Scotland) Limited in Scotland. Our working relationship with Terra Firma is a strong one and we support them and their customers with full technical support and joint visits as required. In Yorkshire/East Lancashire we also have a partner in the form of Green Keeping Services – a small friendly family company, whom we fully support in promoting our products. We do export globally to customers and are seeking distribution partners to work with overseas.