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Hydrozone - Wetting Agent


Image of Hydrozone - Wetting Agent

Hydrozone is a 100% active, non-ionic reverse block co-polymer wetting agent developed for use on amenity grass, specifically golf greens and tees, to help prevent the occurrence of localised dry patch (LDP) and thus maximise grass health.

Hydrozone is an advanced premium product formulated to give maximum performance and extended residence time in the root zone.

The benefits of Hydrozone include:

• Treatment and preventative for localised dry patch.
• Non-scorch formula.
• Excellent tank mix capability.
• Potential to reduce water consumption where no turf wetter is currently used.
• Assists in maximising the effectiveness of a range of soil chemicals and fertilisers.

Treat Rate: 20 L / Ha; Recommended monthly application between March and September to prevent dry patch occurring.