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Petro-Canada Precision XL EP2 (Box of 30x400g)


Image of Petro-Canada Precision XL EP2 (Box of 30x400g)

PRECISION XL EP2 is recommended for lubricating heavy-duty and general-purpose bearings operating at both low or high speeds encountered in the field. It may be used instead of PRECISION XL EP1 in a wet environment due to its thicker consistency. Operating range is –20°C to 160°C (-4°F to 320°F).

Specific applications include:

• Wheel bearings including those equipped with disc brakes.
• Chassis points, water pumps and steering linkages.
• Wet and dry-end bearings on paper machines.
• Low-medium speed gear couplings.
• Ball mill conveyor and crusher bearings.

The benefits of Petro-Canada Precision XL EP2 include:

• Excellent protection against rust and corrosion.
• Prevents scoring or spalling under high loads.
• Reduces friction and wear.
• Provides corrosion protection.
• Seals bearings from water and contaminants.
• Resists leakage, dripping and throw-off.
• Resists change in consistency during service.
• Maintains mobility under various conditions.